About Us

Here at Kansas Cannabis Coalition, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is the uniting of like-minded organizations and individuals.Since our founding in 2020, we have been determined to make an impact.

Mission Statement:
The Kansas Cannabis Coalition exists as a dedicated independent group of organizations and individuals working in an advisory role towards strategic, long-term campaigns for accelerating change in cannabis reform in Kansas.

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The Executive Board

Committed to the Cause


Amy Reid


Amy Reid has been a registered nurse for over 30 years. She co-founded Green Healing Solutions LLC with a focus on educating health care professionals and providing cannabis nurse navigator services to patients across the country. She also co-founded Kansas Nurses for Medical Cannabis and is the Vice President of the Kansas Cannabis Patient Association.    
As President of the Kansas Cannabis Coalition, Amy’s goal is for all Kansas patients to have access to the healing benefits of this wonderful plant.

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Cheryl Kumberg

Vice President

Cheryl brings 40+ years of nursing experience, and 25 years of alternative healthcare experience to the organization. For the last 7 years she has focused on all things cannabis by being active in cannabis nursing on a state and national level. She is co-founder of Kansas Nurses for Medical Cannabis, Green Healing Solutions LLC, and sits on several cannabis organizations boards.  She is known for being a patient advocate and believes all Kansans should have access to plant medicine.

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Rebecca Cumley


Rebecca Cumley’s passion for making a difference in people's lives and inspiring them to make the world around themselves a better place began early in her career. As a young adult she started a for profit business providing education and certification in life saving skills in the healthcare industry. She discovered her love for entrepreneurship and the joy of giving others an ability to affect change in their lives and in others.  Her passion came full circle when Rebecca started a non-profit organization as a conscious cannabis advocate.  As the Executive Director of Kansas NORML she discovered the power of giving a face and name to a cause.  Along with activism comes a responsibility to educate the public about using their voice for change. As the Secretary of the Kansas Cannabis Coalition, she brings full circle her love for teaching and policy making to make a valuable difference in the lives of others.  An adage that she follows is, “When we’re talking, we’re winning.”


Ric Koehn


Ric Koehn has spent his life in both the for profit and nonprofit environment. Ric spent many years working in the local community using his skill where they were needed. In 2013 Ric became active in politics when he could no longer watch the news without getting involved to make a change. Several years later Ric became active to make cannabis legal and safe in Kansas. During this time Ric has raised a family that includes grandchildren and great grandchildren. Throughout this entire time Ric never lost sight of helping those in need. The fire that raised Ric out of his chair in 2013 still burns in his heart for those that need protection.


Board of Directors

Committed to the Cause

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Kyle Steppe

Chairperson:  Events Committee

Kyle Steppe was born and raised in Overland Park, KS where he still lives with his wife Heather and their four children. Kyle received a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Kansas State University in 2008. It was in college when Kyle learned the therapeutic value of cannabis. With a passion for the plant, Kyle has worked alongside his wife for the past 4 years spreading education on the plant through their business KC Hemp Co. He also serves on the board of directors for the Kansas Cannabis Patients Advocates.

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Edward Bohanan

Chairperson:  Communications Committee

Edward Bohannon AKA DJ-E attended Kansas State University where he first found his passion for radio at KSDB's student run station The Wildcat 90.1 F.M. There he served 2 terms as Urban Director of the station and it was there The Hip Hop & Interview Show The Energy and Jams Show was created. Now you can find him every Saturday at 8 p.m. on KKFI 90.1 F.M. Kansas City's community run radio station. Community Support and outreach has always been an aspect of his life and he is looking forward to continuing to do so for KCC and to be a voice of the people.


Morgan Seaman

Chairperson:  Education Committee

A California native, Morgan has lived in the Midwest since 1994 with 20 of those years being in Kansas.  His professional work began with mentoring and teaching life skills to juvenile males in the justice system as well as supervising and creating program plans for reintegration.  A long-time advocate for cannabis and other plant medicines, Morgan’s curiosity and pursuit of respectable knowledge resources led him apply to Green Flower’s Ganjier program (a rigorous Cannabis Sommelier program).  After being accepted and subsequently graduating from the program, Morgan worked alongside a fellow Ganjier on a family farm in Southern Humboldt County, California for two weeks.  The lessons and connections cultivated while on the farm have yielded their weight in gold and will serve the cannabis community at large.-

               His focus is advocating for craft farmers, social and criminal justice reform, and dissemination of education among the public and industry professionals.  He lives in Lawrence with his wife Pilar and three young boys.  He is a budtender and Certified Ganjier for BesaMe Wellness in Kansas City, Missouri. 


Meg Sparrow

Chairperson:  Government Affairs Committee

Meg is a current law student at Washburn University School of Law, and is focusing on criminal and cannabis reform in Kansas. She grew up in Northern Virginia and learned the importance of advocacy while living in DC’s backyard. Her goal is to become a criminal defense attorney and help to overturn low level drug offenses and convictions in Kansas while offering pathways to the legal industry to minority groups. She resides in Kansas with her husband and four fur babies.


Nate Hiatt

Chairperson: Membership Committee

Nate runs a small family-owned hemp farm in Hutchinson. Nate grew up on a small farm south of Nickerson where he helped his grandpa farm for 10 years. Nate holds a Bachelors degree from Sterling College in Business, graduating in 2018. He works full-time as a foreman for Hood Construction. Nate enjoys football, strongman, and anything that is physically or mentally demanding. Nate enjoys researching hemp and realizing the health benefits from CBD as well as benefits from grain and ethanol production.